Europe´s leading clinic for biological, alternative medicine for more than 25 years

aus Liebe zum Leben


Individual alternative treatments with hyperthermia and infusion.







The Klinik im LEBEN in Greiz

Intact nature, wide, gently rolling countryside and centuries-old traditions characterise the Thuringian Vogtland. The Klinik im LEBEN is located here in the historic park and castle town of Greiz. A place of conscious, healthy living, which supports the healing effect of our therapy methods.

For almost 25 years the Klinik im LEBEN has been known as a cosmopolitan, modern centre for natural biological and integrative medicine. People from all over the world also appreciate the welcoming, professional atmosphere of our clinic. Increasingly, patients from all continents find their way to Greiz, in the beautiful Vogtland region.


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The three levels of the therapy concept of the hospital Klinik im LEBEN: biochemical body level, mental/soul energetic level and information mind level

Our innovative concept

Based on Importance – Body Levels – Steps Therapy

The innovative concept of the Klinik im LEBEN in Germany combines the basic elements of conventional medicine with recognised and proven methods of complementary and holistic medicine.

During illness, life makes no difference between body, mind and soul. Therefore, all body levels are included in diagnostics and therapy. Following the principle “Importance, Levels and Steps” we will try to find the best way to improve your health, and we will spend time with you to try and find your optimal healing process.

Treatment by importance means that at this particular moment, we will do what is most important. Therapy by levels is based on the knowledge that every chronic illness and cancer affects all body levels, and they should then be treated according to importance.

Steps therapy is based on the principle: “Open up excretion paths, detox, regenerate, harmonise and stabilise” – on all levels. This concept moves away from the unbalanced or linear-causal thinking. It is highly effective and, in the long-run, very cost-efficient.

The whole person in the centre of its nature –
Access your inner self and find your inner centre


For us to be “in LIFE” (im LEBEN) means to be neither before nor behind or even just for it, but to see the perfection of man in LIFE with full love, appreciation and humanity. 

The important things for a healthy life are – love and positive thinking, the revival of life´s energy and joy, the revitalisation of personal energy sources and inner harmony. You can find your way back to this place – to your inner centre – and the now. Experience yourself, and recognise your life goals afresh. The term biology is the “study of living nature”, which deals with living beings, their organisation, development and interaction with each other and in their environment. It treats man from biology in all its diversity and pays special attention to the unity of body, mind and soul. 

The Klinik im LEBEN alternative medicine wishes to show everyone the path to all things which support a life full of health, vitality and peace. Those who choose this type of life may evolve freely and can access life’s unlimited possibilities.

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Klinik im LEBEN:

front page of the clinic brochure Klinik im Leben for biological, alternative medicine

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front page of the clinic brochure Klinik im Leben for biological, alternative medicine

Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Rudolf Max Reuter

Medical Director and Chief Physician, Managing Director, Lecturer at Steinbeis University, Berlin

Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Rudolf Max Reuter heads the Klinik im LEBEN for Integrative Natural Medicine and has been treating patients with chronic diseases and cancer for over 25 years. He is a qualified fasting doctor according to Buchinger and F.X. MAYR, inaugurator of procaine base therapy and thermal salt therapy. Dr. Reuter is also one of the top physicians in Germany in the fields of pain therapy and back pain. His patients come not only from all over Germany but also from all over the world such as Norway, Russia and the USA.

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    Hospital Klinik im LEBEN
    Gartenweg 5-6
    D-07973 Greiz/Vogtland

    Phone: +49 36 61 – 44 38 210
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