Detoxification and drainage

Preliminary note

Life is characterized by the continuous metabolism of each cell whereby hundreds of chemical reactions take place per second. Meanwhile also toxins are produced which have to be expelled through complicated processes. The latter become more difficult and incomplete with increasing age and accumulating metabolic waste products.

Where lies the problem?

A much bigger problem represents the exposure to toxins through environmental factors such as preservatives, antibiotics, drugs, vaccines, herbicides, pesticides, genetically-modified foods, through tooth filling materials, but also due to an unhealthy life style in a ‚modern’ industrialized society. Those absorbed toxins may be either directly cytotoxic or block due to their chemical properties enzymes that are needed not only for the drainage of toxins but also for other physiological metabolic processes. Furthermore toxins are deposited in the cells’ environment, the so-called main system, which eventually cannot fulfil any longer its task in terms of physiological regulation like the transportation of nutrients, chemical messengers and waste products. But not only the direct effect on the cell and the tissue is important. Some toxins prepare the ground for increased receptivity for viruses and parasites and can even influence our spiritual life profoundly. Stress is an additional factor that has detrimental effect on immunological and neurohormone processes in an increasingly restless society characterized by time pressure, performance and success. Food containing less minerals and vitamins does not provide any longer sufficient vital substances. Those vital materials present crucial sources, co-factors and catalysts in metabolism and are therefore indispensable for the functioning of normal life processes in the cells.

The rising gap among necessity and reality leads to an exponential cycle of accumulation of toxins, impaired detoxification and therefore an ongoing increased accumulation of toxins, which is the reason for a growing energy deficit in the cells. The consequences are accelerated cellular aging, dysfunction of cell division processes, developing of chronic diseases, gradual organ failure and eventually death.  A few years ago a congress for biological medicine in Berlin captured those issues in a nutshell with its title: Defects and Toxins – Causes for Disease in today’s Society.


What can biological medicine accomplish?

Once entered the human body the complete removal of toxins especially heavy metals is impossible that is why prevention is of crucial importance. However help is possible since any reduction of the load of toxins will improve cell functionality.

The reduction of the toxins presents an important concern in biological medicine. Without supporting the body in detoxification normal cell functions and consequently the whole organism’s health cannot be maintained in long term. Draining and detoxifying are today more than ever an indispensable anti-aging treatment for our body’s cells. Daining and detoxifying means the absorbance of harmful substances and their excretion as well as the elimination of bioenergetic information caused by harmful influences. Anybody wanting to grow old in a healthy way and remain physically fit cannot ignore this key issue.

clinic staff with a patient in a treatment

What needs to be considered?

The individuality of each person depends on his or her respective individual capability to reduce and expel toxins. In addition every individual has absorbed different amounts of different toxins. As there is no one specific remedy or patent recipe, a large number of various concepts with to some extent completely varied approaches do circulate. In order to succeed the individual degree of stress, the capability of detoxification and the anticipated successful remedies have to be adapted individually.



Which concept do we offer?

The main idea of our facility’s concept is to consider those individual questions by means of specific diagnostic processes and based on the results we take into account all affected levels in the treatment. That means that after a removal of gross physical matter from the intra and extra cellular areas a gradual drainage through natural substances is realized which leads eventually to the fine-material level and ends in the bioenergetic deletion of information. Thereby are applied direct chemically binding processes besides vital material substitutes, biologically binding processes and kinesiologic bioenergetic techniques as well as laboratory examinations.



For whom detoxification is suitable?

In principle and simply due to our modern and often unhealthy way of life regular detoxification treatments are advisable for everybody who wants to actively keep his body healthy and grow old in a sound way. Those treatments are important and sensible also for those whose professional demands require a high degree of physical and intellectual health in order to compensate physical and mental stress. Indispensable and as a more intensively performed component of biological treatment are detoxification and expelling for chronic and severe illnesses such as diseases of the nervous system, cardiovascular system or for cancer.

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