Special Pain Therapy

The holistic special pain therapy analyses and treats the actual cause of long-term pain.

Enjoying the day, being active, working with no restrictions, laugh, no pain – this is the greatest wish of all patients suffering from pain. Chronic pain restricts everyday well-being, and is a huge weight on mind and body. For non-sufferers, this strain is difficult to comprehend, and is often misunderstood. As part of our holistic pain therapy, you have the possibility to find the actual cause of your pain, and gain a new appetite for life.

In conventional medicine, chronic pains are often treated with drugs. By doing this, the cause, which may have a body or mind background, is rarely treated. Our experience in holistic pain therapy shows that an adverse building and workplace biology, wrong diet, unrecognised emotional conflicts, or wrongly processed problems on all body levels can be a cause for pain.

During holistic pain therapy, we spend time with you to analyse the cause of the pain in detail on all body levels. Based on trust and acceptance, you are included in the search for your individual, optimal pain solution mechanism. The holistic pain therapy places biologically based medicine, as well as alternative medicines, in the centre of the efforts for influencing the pain, on the basis of multicausality and natural laws. Regulation supporting treatments within the holistic pain therapy all pursue the same target: to influence the pain with a maximum amount of self-regulation for a happy life without long-term pain.

Patient with acupuncture needle for pain therapy
Doctor of the hospital Klinik im LEBEN in conversation with a patient for pain therapy


With tactfulness and consideration of all body levels, we create a documented pain analysis as a foundation for the healing process.

  • Detailed, verbal pain analysis with case history documentation.
  • Pain diary during treatment.
  • Headache calendar during treatment.
  • PC supported documentation for interpretive reference.


Precise and comprehensive diagnostics are the basis for your optimal treatment. In the process all levels of the human organism are integrated – body, mind and soul. We spend time with you and take notes about your pain according to type, intensity and frequency.

Holistic pain therapy method (without medication)

  • Acupuncture
  • Chirotherapy
  • Nutritional advice
  • Fasting therapy / Intensive diet plan
  • Laser therapy
  • Neural therapy
  • Osteopathy
  • Procain Base Infusion
  • TENS
  • Hightone therapy
  • Shockwave therapy


Naturopathic Medicine

  • Anthroposophical medicine
  • Attar essences
  • Healing fungus
  • Homeopathy (according to Ramakrishnan, Spinedi/Künzli)
  • Isopathic therapy
  • Phytotherapy
  • Spagyrik
  • Teas

Complementary and innovative methods in biological medicine

  • BIT (Biophysical Information Therapy)
  • Hightone therapy
  • Magnetic field therapy
  • Ozon / HOT
  • Oxygen therapy
  • UVB


Harmonisation and Relaxation Treatment

  • Coping with and overcoming stress
  • Autogenic Training
  • Family counselling / family therapy
  • Jakobsen
  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Psychoenergetic Therapy (PSET)
  • Physio Emotional Energy Technique (PHEET)
  • Psycho Kinesiology
  • Reiki
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