Revitalisation and Cell therapy

Revitalisation through biological medicine


Vitality is a metaphor for a vital life, life energy, and is the basis for well-being of body and mind. This energy is called CHI in Chinese medicine, and has three main sources:

  • The energy from breathing – taking in oxygen as a source for oxidative energy extraction in our cells;
  • The energy from our diet – taking in life-supporting nutrients and liquids as the basis for the provision of life supporting elements for our cells;
  • And the universal (cosmic, divine) power as a source for belief, purpose of life, love and meaning of life.

If our vitality is reduced through a negligent lifestyle and a harmful environment, holistic biological medicine specifically targets your individual vitality sources.

On the one hand, the life and survival of our cells depends on the tissue’s capacity of cell regeneration. On the other hand, it is important that the cells can clean themselves and that the excretion processes work correctly. The following table shows the lifetime of the most important organs and tissue.

Table: Lifetime of our cells

Organ/Cells Time Organ/Cells Time
White Blood Cells 2-5 days Red Blood Cells 3-4 months
Stomach Lining 1 week Intestinal Mucosa 10-14 days
Lung 1 week Liver 3-5 weeks
Lips 2 weeks Skin Body 2-4 weeks
Outer Ear 5 weeks Olfactory cells / nose 8 weeks
Muscle 15 years Bones 10 years
Heart muscle lifelong Brain Cells lifelong
Lens of the eye lifelong Hair follicles lifelong

The table clearly demonstrates that specialised tissue which does not regenerate depends strongly on an optimum cell environment. If the cell environment is more and more polluted with metabolic products, the cell´s functionality is severely limited (also called cell depression), resulting in an early death of the cell.

In practice, targeted biological revitalisation means holistic diagnostics (BioCheck, VitalCheck) in order to find individual weaknesses in performance development and performance improvement.

We use the BioCheck results in therapy on the body level, as well as the energetic and mind level. Experience has shown that the following main components of revitalisation have proven particularly successful:

  • Stimulation of excretion and detoxification through individually tested biological remedies, and stimulation of bowel excretion (e. g. Colon Hydrotherapy);
  • Change to a healthy diet (according to Dr F.X. Mayr) – basal and nutrient-rich
  • Energetic stimulation through oxygene and ozone therapy, magnetic field treatment, short hyperthermia;
  • Special infusion treatments with antioxidants, vitamin complex, and essential amino acids;
  • Procain and ProcCluster Treatment (further development of ASLAN therapy),
  • Organ and fresh cell therapy for stimulation of organ regeneration and reinforcement of the immune system;
  • Holistic physiotherapy through osteopathy, reflex zone treatments, Shiatsu and ayurvedic treatments;
  • Deep psychological harmonisations through special interview and treatment techniques as well as constitutional homeopathy.


Cell Therapy (with fresh cell organo extracts and stem cell facilitators)


Basics of cell therapeutic substances


Cell therapeutics are xenogeneic extracts of certain organs from calves, piglets or lambs. There are deep frozen extracts (for example THX extract from Thymus), as well as cell specimens having foetal origins (for production of stem cell facilitators).

The organ specimens have the following effective ingredients:

  • Organ-typical enzymes (e. g. Thymosin, Thymolin, Splenin);
  • Organ-typical mediators and micro hormones (many cytokines);
  • Organ-typical growth factors (e. g. thymopoietin);
  • Organ-typical lower molecular cell and cell environment substances (e. g. PG and GAG fragments, dissolved substances, colloids);
  • Organ-typical information (saved in DNA and RNA fragments as well pseudo crystalline water).

During production, the organs which are retrieved from scientifically monitored animals are comminuted and the cells are macerated adding aqua destillata. After this, depending on the required molecular weight of the end products, the ultrafiltration, or sterile filtration, takes place. The end product will now be shock-frozen and stored as a so-called “fresh extract”. Therefore, fresh cell extracts are the “pressed juice” of an organ, which is then used for further processing, similarly to liquid medicines which are obtained from plants. Due to legal implications, the higher molecular dry extracts and fresh cells are not available in pharmacies, but only directly from a lab, in accordance with paragraph 13 AMG.


graphic dna


Effect of Organo and cell therapeutic substances


Based on the ingredients, the organo-peptide substances are expected to have a complex effect. The crucial molecular mechanism of action is the so-called homing effect, or organotropism. In 1999, Prof BLOBEL received the Nobel Prize for this discovery – all cells possess organ-typical intrinsic signals which make it possible to re-discover the source tissue, even after application in a foreign organism. The cell adhesion molecules, or so called “homing receptors”, are much smaller than the antigens on the surface of the cell walls, which are also called histocompatibility antigens. Also, beside the lymphocytes, homing receptors have been found for other cell systems and organs, mostly featuring glycoprotein and mucin related addressins (LOFFLER AND PETRIDES 2003).

Comparison: Homing Effect and postcode system

Using postcodes, the Mail Service has created a simple, but very effective, coding system allowing their staff a reliable delivery of letters and parcels from any location in the world. The signal coding system in mammals works in the same way. On the molecular basis, it contains information carriers which allow them to be associated with an organ, and it makes it possible to retrieve the same receptors.

Together with the already detailed organ-typical mediators, micro hormones, dissolved substances, and natural water structures (only available for dry extract), these specimens achieve a targeted activation of the respective organ or organ system. Inductive effects can be measured on an informative level, which can also result in emotional influencing factors and mood improvement. The stimulation of the energy level is similar to a clinical observation of revitalisation. Blockages and weaknesses coming from the organ are dissipated and motivated into stimulation. This is clearly recognisable in an increased synthesis performance of the organs and organ-typical enzymes. Therefore, during organo therapy, morphologically significant repair and regeneration stimulations can be observed.

It is also possible that the previously discussed (see Homeopathy) repair proteins and their stimulation have an influence. In clinical studies, as part of a targeted organo therapy, astonishing improvements in structure and function of organs (for example liver, kidneys, lung and pancreas) and organ systems (for example immune system, lymphatic system) can be observed repeatedly. New research indicates that cell therapeutic substances can also specifically re-activate the tissue’s own stem cells, and can also stimulate the reproduction of organ-typical new cells.

graphic electroacupuncture according to Dr. med. Full (EAV)


NEW: Stimulation and Rejuvenation with stem cell facilitators (SCF)


Like a bee queen in the beehive every organ and tissue has so-called stem cells for a lifetime, which are responsible for a continuous output of new cells for regeneration and healing. With the help of modern biotechnology it is possible to isolate, concentrate the most important stem cells from fetal animal sources. Together with special biomodifiers this stem cell preparations have facilitating characteristics. The stimulative effect depends on the kind of this omnipotent cells. For example SCF of mesenchyme especially encourages all immunologic relevant organs like thymus, bone marrow, liver, lymphatic tissue and spleen.


Detailed information about Organo and Cell Therapeutic Substances

The following table contains the most important, currently proven and used organo therapeutic substances. The choice of appropriate extracts for the respective patient is based on the results of chemical lab tests (for example LTT proliferation test) and holistic test processes (EAV, kinesiology).

Important organo therapeutic substances and their respective range of indication or effectiveness in the context of a cell therapy





  • Organ extract of the thymus
Immune weaknesses of any kind, prevention and post-treatment of cancer, chronic inflammation, rheumatism, deferred reconvalescence


  • Organ extract of the spleen
Immune weaknesses of any kind, prevention and post-treatment of cancer, chronic inflammation, rheumatism, deferred reconvalescence


  • Organ extract of the umbilical cord
Immune weaknesses of any kind, chronic inflammation, bone marrow weakness, rheumatism, joint degeneration, biological cancer treatment


  • Organ extract of the placenta
Menopause problems, blood vessel problems (blood vessel calcification, heart disease), hormonal discomfort, blood pressure problems, anti-ageing


  •   Organ extract of the heart
Cardiovascular disease, prevention and post-treatment of heart attacks, stress treatment, fatty heart, angina pectoris
• Organ extract of the kidney
Chronic kidney diseases of any kind (inflammation, kidney stones etc.), chronic back pain, lack of energy, tiredness


  • Organ extract of the lung
Chronic bronchitis and lung diseases of any kind (particularly bronchitis, weakness after pneumonia, asthma)


  • Organ extract of the liver
Chronic digestive disorders, flatulence, weakness after inflammation of the liver (hepatitis), liver cirrhosis, bilious complaint, acidosis


  • Organ extract of the pancreas
Chronic digestive disorders, diabetes (in particular diabetes type II), weakness or chronic inflammation of the pancreas


  • Organ extract of purified intestines
Chronic digestive disorders of any kind, colitis, Crohn’s disease, mycoses, asthma, chronic inflammation of any kind


  • Whole extract of the hyaline cartilage, joint or spine (without marrow brain)
Degeneration of the joints and spine (osteoarthritis, spondylosis, spondyloarthritis), cartilage bone defects of any kind


  • Organ extract of the ovary
Hormonal weaknesses in women, menstrual cycle problems, menstrual pain, infertility, climacterium, lack in libido, anti-ageing


  • Organ extract of the testicles
Hormonal weaknesses in men, difficulty in procreation, „Midlife Crisis“, lack of libido, potency weakness, impotence, anti-ageing


  • Organ extract of the brain and spinal brain tissue
Multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, meningitis and encephalitis, overstress syndrome
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