The Region

Greiz in Vogtland
Picturesque Park and Ancestral Home Town of the Earl of Reuss

The hospital Klinik im LEBEN is situated a few walking minutes from in the town centre of Greiz, in South East Thuringia. The river Weisse Elster flows through Greiz, starting in the Czech Elster mountains and flowing ultimately into the river Saale.

You can explore the impressive historic old town on foot from the hospital Klinik im LEBEN. There are many classical buildings which testify the rich history of the town and the important location within the many-faceted cultural countryside in central Germany. The Earl of Reuss had a residence in Greiz, and with its two castles it is still an attractive historic town.

Even 100 years ago in the prime period of the local textile industry, it were mainly wealthy industrialists who lived in Greiz – this is why it is called “Pearl of the Vogtland”.

In particular the natural surroundings, consisting of several smaller villages with their church towers and traditions, the countryside with its gentle rolling hills with meadows, lakes and fields leave a mark on the people and make the town worth living in.

Thanks to the town’s central location in the heart of Germany and Europe, Greiz is an easy place to travel
to. Close to the motorways A4 and A9, Greiz, the county’s main town, is linked to the significant European East-West and North-South axes.

You can easily travel to Greiz using the local public transport network, as the town is linked to the larger stations, such as those in Gera and Leipzig. The airport Leipzig-Halle is only 85 km away, Dresden 146 km, Nurnberg 195, and Karlsbad in the Czech Republic 120 km. If you arrive in Germany through Berlin, Greiz is only 270 km away.


Visitor Attractions

You may use your stay in our hospital to visit some of the world-famous visitor attractions.

We can recommend the following day-trips:

Dresden, also called “Florence on the river Elbe”, possesses world heritage sites such as the Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady), Semper Opera House, Zwinger, as well as the Meissen porcelain factory.

Weimar – Town of the poets Goethe and Schiller, World Heritage Town

Erfurt – Town of cathedrals and capital of Thuringia

Eisenach – Town where M. Luther and J.S. Bach lived, location of the famous Wartburg Schloss


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