BioCheck im LEBEN

Holistic biological diagnostics method for the recognition of the cause of illness


BioCheck is the foundation of each and every therapy concept.

The unique function diagnostics and summation diagnostics help the patient, as well as the therapist, to recognise the cause of illness on all levels. The individual therapy concept is based on this – it will leave a positive and long-lasting impression on the healing process.

The diagnostic threshold for health and all levels of the human organism – body, soul and mind – is very low in biological medicine. This way we can recognise an imbalance in the body even before an organ shows signs of illness.

Based on these facts, BioCheck im LEBEN was developed. Through holistic examination methods, BioCheck im LEBEN provides profound information about cause and effect of your physical fitness, providing a deliberate health through joy in life.


Biological diagnostic methods


Biological diagnostic methods for sustainable prevention on all levels, and for finding an optimal therapy concept.


Inner and outer balance through Buffer Capacity Analysis.
This test is for the assessment of the acid-alkaline balance in the body.

Energy throughput and biological age through bioelectronics according to Prof. VINCENT (BEV)
Body liquids are examined from a physics/chemistry background. The pH values, redox potential and resistance value in fresh blood, saliva and urine are determined.

Body reaction and strength of the immune system through life blood analysis in microscopic dark field.
The quality of a single drop of fresh blood is examined through dark field microscopy. This provides information about the presence of problems in metabolism, and toxic pollution in the body.

Individual energy sources through Metabolic Typing
This diet concept assumes that not every person tolerates and digests foods the same way as another. We will determine your personal metabolism type.

Everyday life quality through diet consultation
We will compile your own personal plan for a healthy diet which covers all daily food eventualities. This plan forms the basis of your own individual diet consultation.


Your body’s strength for self-regulation Computer Regulation Thermography
Regulation Thermography (RTG) highlights signs of unrecognised causes of illness and is suited for early diagnosis of inner dysfunctions and developing illnesse.

Inner body defences and body resistance through Electro Acupuncture Method (EAV-Elektroakupunkturverfahren) according to Dr. Voll
This method is used for measuring inner malfunctions, the investigation of toxic agents, and for the assessment of the efficiency of medication, vitamins and minerals.

Status quo and Potential Analysis through Achievement Potential and Motivational Impulse
The most important thing is the analysis of your current health status and your achievement potential, with the aim for you to gain knowledge and motivate you to an active prevention of illness.


Self-contemplation and conscious awareness through anamnesis and holistic classification
We discuss your ideal health status and associate it with the individual body levels.

Allow the subconscious to encounter your innermost feelings using SkaSys® Test / Level Analysis through Kinesiology
We test your body reactions with the Bio Feedback method as a response reaction for different issues for a wide diagnostic breadth.

Setting off, take a deep breath, radiate from your heart through Quantec® / Ingenium
Your bio field is analysed with the most modern technology. Weaknesses are recognised and re-balanced.

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