Hyperthermia / Active High Temperature Therapy

“Give me a chance to create a fever and I will cure any disease. “
Parmenides, approximately 500 B.C.

Therapeutic fever for immune system improvement, increase in energy, and removal of pain

Moderate hyperthermia will safely increase the body temperature to up to 40 degrees Celsius through infrared radiation. This will stimulate the metabolic regulation, as well as provide energy for immune system stimulation. The immune system will also be improved by the combination of oxygen inhalation and the intake of vitamins, procaine base, as well as organic peptides.

Fever – a natural remedy

Fever is a natural defence reaction of the human body. The immune system’s defence cells work best at a temperature above 39 degrees Celsius. At this high temperature, all metabolic and detoxification processes are stimulated intensely. This helps overcome infections, inflammations and pain much quicker and more effectively. During fever, the build-up of perspiration activates the excretion of toxic substances. This purifies the body and improves metabolism. After the fever, the body relaxes and the pain disappears.


From Active Fever Therapy to Hyperthermia

As early as in the 19th century true miracle healings were observed through the prescription of fever-creating bacteria substances (COOLEY serum). However, these substances had many risk. With the rise of the pharmaceutical industry, such treatments were no longer used. In recent years, however, a world-wide renaissance of these ideas can be observed via the technical implementation of hyperthermia, and in particular the development of water-filtered infrared radiation through which heat arrives directly at sub skin cells.

Complementary effects of hyperthermia:

  • Increase in blood circulation
  • Acceleration of metabolism and excretion processes
  • Decrease of muscle tonus
  • Increased stimulus conduction of nerve fibres
  • Stimulation of the body’s own defences
  • Chronic bacteria and virus illnesses can be cured
  • Distribution of body’s own hormones
  • Build-up of energy, conditioning

Moderate and safe temperatures are those up to a maximum of 40.5 degrees Celsius. However, many therapy successes can already be registered at temperatures above 38.5 degrees Celsius.


Areas of Application for hyperthermia treatments

  • Cancer Therapy (often in combination with additional immune system stimulation)
  • Immune Therapy (increase of body defences during any kind of chronic infections, including asthma)
  • Pain Therapy (for chronic and systemic pains, lack of success of other pain treatment methods)
  • Rheumatism Therapy (Soft Tissue Rheumatism, Fibromyalgia, Mb. Bechterew, Scleroderma, late stages of pcP)
  • Skin conditions (Psoriasis, Neurodermatitis, allergic skin conditions)
  • Detoxification Therapy (as part of detoxification from environmental toxins)
  • Weight Reduction (Stimulation of metabolism in combination with intensive dieting)
Clinic staff with a patient in a hyperthermia treatment

The natural treatment hyperthermia results in a clear stimulation of blood and lymph fluid circulation, and therefore significantly enhances detoxification in the body.

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