Accommodation and catering complement the whole concept consistently in the hospital Klinik im LEBEN. Any disruptive influences which hinder regulation and healing have been reduced to a minimum. The ambience will also help encourage relaxation and vitality. On top of your medical treatments, you can take part in a range of additional activities in our hospital and nearby.

Particular attractions

  • Grand, protected historic Jugendstil villa
  • Decoration, reconstruction and building facilities according to biological principles
  • Solvent-free building material and paint
  • Pollutant-free furniture, preferably natural and period furniture
  • No electro smog in the sleeping area through power switches, screening and earthing of all electric lines
  • Natural flooring (cork and parquet)
  • Bed linen, sanitary linen, rugs and curtains exclusively made of pollutant-controlled natural fibres
  • Fresh preparation of food from organic sources (controlled organic cultivation), no use of kitchen microwave


  • The hospital Klinik im LEBEN has 16 beds
  • Telephone connection
  • International TV
  • Broadband / Internet (if required)
  • Mostly balconies with separate chairs
  • Lift
  • Green space – „Garden of life“ „Garten des LEBENS“
  • Protected parking in front of the building
  • Chill-out room with reclining chairs, TV and video
  • Tea and clean water (self filtered) always available
  • Different diet options available (biological whole-food diet, food for a mild excretion diet, base soup and stock)
  • Sauna


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