Deep Local Hyperthermia


ONCOTHERMIA results in a selective heat build-up of body tissue, leading to damage of cancer cells, activation of defence cells, as well as an increase in circulation and metabolism. The surrounding tissue is only slightly warmed up. With this, a pain reduction therapy is possible which can also be used for back pain treatment as well as for osteoarthritis. The cancerous cells are warmed up selectively – as a result the latter either die off, or their growth is stopped completely. At the same time, the cell membranes become more permeable and react more sensitively to other treatments.

Success in targeted overheating of tumor cells

Anyone who treats cancer wants to be able to destroy tumour cells selectively, to maintain the healthy tissue, and to keep the body’s defence system intact. Hyperthermia makes this now possible using the Oncothermia treatment. Research in Russia in biophysics provided the basis for what is sometimes called Deep Electro Hyperthermia (ETH). By this method, cancerous tissue is heated up so much that it dies, or at least stops the growth process. An additional effect is that the tissue will become much more receptive to other treatments and becomes more vulnerable.

The active principle

The patient lies between two differently sized condenser plates, between which an electric field is created with a frequency of 13.5 MHz. Cancerous tissue and healthy tissue have different dielectric constants (the so-called complex impedance resonance of the molecules in the cell membrane). The dielectric constant in cancerous tissue is between 8 and 15 MHz, and for healthy tissue it is between 80 to 100 MHz. The resonance vibration creates intense molecular friction and so generates heat. Therefore, the capacitive field of ETH only heats up tumour tissue (so-called self-focussing), and only creates a moderate increase of heat in the surrounding healthy tissue.


Main effects of deep local hyperthermia (ETH) in previous research results 

The effects of ETH are differentiated in direct thermal (heat) and electric (condenser field):

  • Selective destruction of thermal sensitive cancerous cells.
  • Increase in membrane permeability in cancer cells, resulting in self-destruction through intake of surrounding acids. It also makes the cells more vulnerable to other restraining substances (cytostatic drugs, vitamin C, mistletoe, herbal substances), as well as the body’s own defence cells.
  • Blocking of pain receptors.
  • Electromagnetic tissue relaxation and signal effect on the cells (improved healing, self-healing of cells that are only slightly affected).


Main area of application for deep local hyperthermia

  • Surface as well as deep embedded primary tumours and metastases in all organs. In particular:
    • Brain tumours and metastases (high success rate).
    • Tumours in the digestive system (in particular stomach, pancreas, oesophagus, and bowel).
    • Tumours in the lower abdomen (uterus, ovaries, prostate).
    • Surface tumours (breast, melanoma).
  • Pain therapy for the spine and joints (advanced osteoarthritis, spondylosis and spinal disc degeneration).
  • Chronic inflammation and degeneration of inner organs (for example chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver).
Dr. Reuter, head and chief physician of the Klinik im LEBEN, in the hyperthermia cancer treatment of a patient

Course of hyperthermia treatment

  • The use of a comfortable and heated water bed.
  • Application of the mobile electrode, ensuring continuous body contact.
  • After system start, the power is incrementally increased until a pleasant feeling of warmth can be felt in the treatment region.
  • Permanent monitoring by qualified staff, who can react immediately should there be an error message from the ETH device, or when the heat becomes too much on the skin.
  • Provision of tumour-stopping substances during treatment.

Treatment duration, frequency and cost

An ETH session lasts 60 minutes. On average, it is recommended to have 12 to 15 sessions (2 to 3 times a week) during one treatment sequence. After this, a treatment break and the analysis of the treatment effect will take place. If the treatment is successful, further treatment sessions are recommended. If tumours exist in several locations, in exceptional cases treatment can take place on a daily basis as long as the treatment location is changed periodically. For chronic back pain and osteoarthritis pain, the number of the treatment sessions and/or the actual treatment time can be halved. The cost for a one-hour treatment session is 145 Euros, according to GOÄ (charges regulated).

Sied effects and contraindications

During correct application of ETH, few side effects are known.

Proven combinations with ETH

ETH may be combined with other therapy processes, resulting in a mutual increase in therapy benefits:

  • Provision of tumour-stopping biological substances (high dosage vitamin C, Q10, special herbal extracts, procaine base).
  • Cytostatic drugs (in particular in low dosage range) and radiation therapy.
  • Whole body hyperthermia and active fever therapy.
  • Deep psychological harmonisation techniques.
  • High tone therapy.
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