Electro Cancer Therapy (ECT Therapy)

Biological cancer defense with ECT Therapy

Electro Cancer Therapy (ECT Therapy), or electro-chemical tumour therapy, is a tumour eradication process during cancer treatment which often allows the dissolution of tumour tissue without surgical intervention or radioactive treatment.

The effect of ECT Therapy is summarised as follows: If the tumour tissue has direct current applied through electrodes, the resulting current flow will lead to a chemical change in the tumour cell. The triggered processes cause the development of hydrochloric acid within the cancer cell which will destroy the cell membrane. Because of the different resistance values in comparison to healthy tissue, the current flow is focussed on the tumour alone, and therefore no healthy tissue is destroyed.

Areas of application of ECT Therapy

Surface as well as deep embedded primary tumours and metastases in all organs, except for areas that are shielded by bones, such as brain tumours or bone metastases.

Side effects and contraindications of electrochemical tumour treatments

Few side effects are known during correct application of ECT Therapy. For example, skin irritations can occasionally occur in the area where the electrodes are applied. The patient may feel minor pain when the dissolving tumour tissue is dissipated.

There may be contraindications in patients with implanted pacemaker electrodes or defibrillators. With certain safety precautions, however, these patients may also be treated.

Course of ECT Treatment

ECT Therapy may be used for outpatients and inpatients. If you live too far away from our hospital, you can find welcoming accommodation with a healthy atmosphere in our Gästehaus im Leben. Depending on the type and location of the tumour, the current may be applied via plate electrodes on the body, or platinum needle electrodes in the tumour tissue itself. The latter would be attached under light local anaesthetic.

The patient lies comfortably on a bed during the three-hour therapy.

Combination of ECT Treatment with alternative therapy methods

To improve the treatment effect, it is recommended to combine ECT Therapie with vitamin, mineral and vital substance infusion. Additionally, it is strongly recommended to diagnose the causes of the tumour disease and to remove them, because ECT, as well as many other destructive methods, treats only the symptoms (i.e. the tumour tissue). Detoxification and excretion treatment help the organism to eliminate destroyed tumour tissue and will also purify of the body.

Duration of ECT Therapy

An ECT treatment takes on average three hours. Treatment frequency may vary depending on tumour size and type. For example, skin tumours often only require one treatment, whereas larger tumours in organs may require as many as ten or more treatments, taking place every one to two weeks.

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